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Еlevate your teaching skills with EDUINO-webinars

Educators today are expected to be innovative, creative, and have skills that contribute to new ways of delivering knowledge both in the classroom and in the online teaching environment. The educational process today has definitely shifted into a more hybrid environment, especially since the global pandemic. Having that in mind educators needed the right resources that will equip them with the knowledge to use more IT tools and platforms that will help them in their day-to-day teaching. In order to provide the right support within the project EDUINO: Collectively improving education through co-creation and innovation we design the series EDUINO-webinars.

1.What are EDUINO-webinars?

EDUINO-webinars are interactive informal online events, where participants have the opportunity to follow lectures on current, innovative and advanced topics in the field of education, through examples of good practices and advice from their colleagues, practitioners. 

Participants can follow the events on two platforms ZOOM (directly from the registration link) and Youtube live stream. Another opportunity that we provide to follow the webinars is through video recordings that are uploaded to the EDUINO website after the completion of each webinar. In order to meet the needs of all educators in our multi-ethnic environment, the webinars are held in two languages, Macedonian and Albanian, with simultaneous interpretation. Through this type of interactive and informal events, we have the opportunity to directly influence the professional development of a large number of educators in our country.

The events are designed to offer the opportunity to ask questions and consult with the lecturers about certain forms, methods, techniques and instruments for implementing the learning and teaching process in modern teaching. The EDUINO-webinars series today contains the most recognized online resources for acquiring skills in the field of education. With more than 52,000 participants and over 106,000 views on the official EDUINO YouTube channel from the previous webinar series, we can proudly say that this is the most viewed online webinar series in North Macedonia. 

2.Two ways to elevate your skills and gain recognition 

Since the beginning of the EDUINO-webinar series, our team has continuously worked on improving the content, delivery, and skill development of the participants. Today educators who are actively participating in online events have the opportunity to obtain two types of certificates: certificates of acquired and applied knowledge.

Certificate of acquired knowledge

The first type of certificate that participants can get through following one of the EDUINO-webinars is the certificate of acquired knowledge. All registered participants have the opportunity to obtain this certificate, regardless of whether they are following the webinar via Zoom or the YouTube live stream. To acquire this certificate, the participant needs to answer correctly at least seven of the 10 questions (or 70%) from the online quiz which is open 15 minutes after the question and answer segment at the end of every webinar.

The certificate is sent to the participant in digital form via the registered email address for the webinar and it contains the official signature and stamp from the director of the Bureau for Development of Education (BRO).

Certificate of applied knowledge

The second type of certificate is the one for applied knowledge which includes the preparation of an activity. After the webinar, the lecturer is expected to assign one or two activities, from which the participants can choose one. With 60% realization, confirmed through self-evaluation by the participant as well as an evaluation by the lecturer, the participant acquires a certificate for applied knowledge. In order to obtain this type of certificate educators are not obligated to follow the event live. They can watch the recording of the EDUINO Webinar uploaded on the EDUINO YouTube channel, prepare the activity, submit the report of the completed activities as well as their self-evaluation on the corresponding Padlets created for each webinar. The time frame for submitting the report and self-evaluation is usually 7 days after the webinar. 

The certificate is also sent to the educators in digital form via the registered email address for the webinar and it contains the official signature and stamp from the director of the Bureau for Development of Education (BRO).

3. When should you expect the new series of EDUINO-webinars?

This September 2022 we are continuing with the second half of the third EDUINO-webinars series. We are including new topics and experienced lecturers who are willing to share their skills and knowledge with their colleagues. The second half of this series includes 9 webinars and some of the new webinar topics for this year are: Developing creative skills through visual stories, Challenging behavior–coping and good practices, Methods and approaches for learning through problem-solving focused on climate change.

The latest series is expected to start in the last week of September lasting till mid-December 2022. We are continuing the series with the EDUINO-webinar: Developing programs for the implementation of free elective subjects which will be held on the 29th of September at 18:00, registrations are now open on the following link:

Be a part of this year’s EDUINO-webinars! -Elevate your teaching skills, while actively working on your professional development, so you can bring out the best in your students and make the most out of your future classes. Because one class with a great teacher is better than a thousand days of diligent studying!

The project EDUINO: Collective Improvement of Education through Co-creation and Innovation project is funded by the Government of the United Kingdom through the British Embassy in Skopje, with support from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Bureau for Development and education and UNICEF. The project is implemented by SmartAp – Laboratory for Social Innovation.

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