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Innovations for social good

We’re crazy about innovations and improving life with technology. We pour our skills and passion to solve emerging societal challenges.

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About our lab

SmartUp – Social Innovation Lab

By applying custom design processes and adapting methods we drive systematic change to address the existing and emerging societal challenges in order to create a thriving environment for uninterrupted human prosperity.

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Accelerating the process of incubating new IT solutions to social problems: from ideation to prototyping all the way to scaling up.

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We implement projects which deliver long-term results by offering solutions to societal challenges on several topics, initiating systemic change.

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One-stop-shop for new partnerships in all sectors, promotion and development of innovative ideas, and expanding frontiers.

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Innovation in education – A how-to guide to initiate innovative practices

To support anyone looking to create positive change in education, we created a guide titled “Innovation in Education – A How-To Guide to Initiating Innovative Practices” which has the goal to support anyone, but in the first place educators, individuals, or organizations, working in the field of education, people who want to push the boundaries of what education is and can be.

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Featured work

Partnering with the civil sector and government agencies to research, design, and test new ideas.


Skopje Lab - City of Skopje Innovation Center

First public sector innovation lab with a mission to work on finding innovative approaches to address challenges and problems facing the city of Skopje.



Building a national web-based platform that will assist the improvement in the quality of teaching and learning through co-creation and innovation, involving teachers, parents, and children.


Future Cities of South East Europe

Local implementation of a global initiative to transform cities in South-eastern Europe into some of the best possible places to live, work and visit by 2025.


Generation Unlimited

Co-creating with youth for a better world. Aiming to inspire youth action for a prosperous, inclusive, and better tomorrow by providing the tools, approach, and resources for change.

Guide for development of an impact investment portfolio for local governments

In the past couple of years, SmartUp has been actively working on designing and implementing initiatives aimed at supporting the systemic development of Skopje. In this context, it was apparent that there exists a need to find new ways of generating additional finances with the aim of implementing these complex, system-level solutions and projects, whose financing needs exceed the resources municipalities and the City of Skopje have at their disposal.

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Why work with us?

Think big, start small!

We see problems as opportunities and we believe that Individuals and communities are the best agents of sustainable development.


We conduct ethnographic research in workplaces, homes, and communities so we can understand first-hand people’s lives and needs.


We prototype and test improved policies and services with community members, policymakers, and front-line staff.


We aims to make the most of technology to advance human development by encouraging innovative solutions.


We help run and evaluate low-cost pilots so that new services and policies can be scaled up with confidence.

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