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Innovations for social good

We’re crazy about innovations and improving life with technology. We pour our skills and passion to solve emerging societal challenges.

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About our lab

SmartUp – Social Innovation Lab

We work across disciplines to inspire and empower people and organizations to solve emerging societal challenges. We work with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges.

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Featured work

Partnering with the civil sector and government agencies to research, design, and test new ideas.


Skopje Lab - City of Skopje Innovation Center

First public sector innovation lab with a mission to work on finding innovative approaches to address challenges and problems facing the city of Skopje.



Building a national web-based platform that will assist the improvement in the quality of teaching and learning through co-creation and innovation, involving teachers, parents, and children.


Future Cities of South East Europe

Transformation of South-eastern European cities into some of the best possible places in Europe to live, work and visit by 2025.


Generation Unlimited

Youth challenge aims to free the creativity and ideas of young people around the world.

Creative Business Cup North Macedonia 2021!

Inspired by the global happenings in the sector of Creative and Cultural Industries and the limited national opportunities for the creative and cultural entrepreneurs, SmartUp Social Innovation Lab in partnership with the Union of Macedonian Professional Associations in the Creative Industries – UMPAKI is organizing the first Creative Business Cup North Macedonia 2021!

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Why work with us?

Think big, start small!

We see problems as opportunities and we believe that Individuals and communities are the best agents of sustainable development.


We conduct ethnographic research in workplaces, homes, and communities so we can understand first-hand people’s lives and needs.


We prototype and test improved policies and services with community members, policymakers, and front-line staff.


We aims to make the most of technology to advance human development by encouraging innovative solutions.


We help run and evaluate low-cost pilots so that new services and policies can be scaled up with confidence.

Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge National Winners

Going forward to the Global Competition

Team Andrometa

SpeakOut is a mobile app that motivates young people to ask for help anonymously and provide support to their peers. The team vision is to help victims of bullying that are insecure, don’t know who to tell, have a lack of trust or are afraid to express themselves using anonymity. In a world where most of us are online, they wanted to provide a way for people to feel safe when asking for help.

Team Interconnecting Solutions

SuperPako, a super lovable alpaca character is the front face of the “SuperPako Game” which works on the principle of forum theatre, leading the user to experience different scenes and outcomes, including entering the role of the victim, the bully and etc. Its main idea is to empower users who are victims of violence and teach them how to react to such occasions as well as stimulate empathy among bullies by putting them in other people shoes.

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