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Info Days – Getting to know more about the #GenU Youth Challenge

On the 24th and 25th of October, an amazing group of youngsters attended the Info Days, an open session in order to learn about this years’ #GenUYouth challenge! We gathered in the Magenta room (Foundation Telekom for Macedonia) in the very center of the city, where the aspiring and motivated youth got to know more about the initiative through detailed and engaging presentations by our expert guests: Sofija Bogeva, a renowned innovation specialist, Marija Velinovska a defectologist from Open the Windows, an association  and prof. Ivan Chorbev, dean of the Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering. 

Firstly, the attendees heard about the #GenU initiative as well as about the topic, process and benefits of the Youth Challenge. Next, they got the chance to get valuable information about #inclusion, the different types of disability and the everyday struggles of young people with disabilities. Finally, they learned about assistive technology and how these tools help to change lives, perspectives and inspire new inventions for those with disabilities. 

We concluded the session by getting to know each other as we got to share and hear many personal stories that gave the room a breath of inspiration and motivation to take on the #GenU Youth Challenge! 

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