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SmartUp will take part in the project “Let me tell you a story – Visions of the Past”.

We are happy to announce the initiation of our project “Let me tell you a story – Visions of the Past”. Our project will involve 30 young people from 5 European countries and is focused on telling the stories of real people to younger generations that have not had the opportunity or interest to learn before. During this project we will work together with people that have suffered deportations from the Banat area during the communist period, in the 1950s, share their stories and raise awareness on the injustices and lack of liberties that have been brought in previous times. For this we will use the method of interviews with them, gather all their stories and prepare a book that will follow specific guidelines that we will make available for our participants. This project will represent the 5th part in an already coagulated concept of telling stories and creating books based on interviews with survivors and fighters of harsh moments from our not-so distant past.

The main activity envisioned through this project is a youth exchange with the duration of 8 days, in the end of which we will obtain a book containing interviews with people that have been deported in the 1950s Communist Romania, book that will be shared and disseminated in all our local communities and that will be shared free of charge to younger generations that lack the proper knowledge of these moments in history. For this, we will be working closely with Asociatia Fostilor Deportati in Baragan, located in Timisoara, with whom we will be organizing the interviews and will develop the book.

The main aim of our project, both as a standalone project, but also as a continuation of the previous editions is to promote alternative ways of presenting historical facts and moments that are not fully coagulated or explored through formal education.

The partners in this project are:

  • Association Evolution, Romania –
  • Heureka Generator, Poland –
  • Brno for you, z.s., Czech Republic –
  • Association Co-Efficient, Hungary –
  • SmartUp – Social Innovation Lab, Macedonia –

If you are interested to join the project, stay tuned for more information in the upcoming period!

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