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About our lab

Our knowledge, skills, and vision for the future enable us to see opportunities where others see problems and motivate us to look for creative solutions where partnerships are the key elements that shape and steer the system in a whole new direction. Its all about the people, their needs and their vision. It is about us!

Our aim is to catalyze innovation for change in the region and further. By establishing a channel for new opportunities, partnerships, projects and initiatives which make an impact in various areas, we are able to design and offer applicable, novel solutions which will meet the growing demand.

By applying custom design processes and adapting methods we drive systematic change to address the existing and emerging societal challenges in order to create a thriving environment for uninterrupted human prosperity.

We include and connect institutions, organizations, collectives, and individuals in order to co-create for a sustainable future where everyone has the means to fulfill their own potential.

From human design to citizen data-telling.

Meet our team

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Nikolco Gosev


Cycling junkie, loves tech and has a masters in “Aliexpress”

Sofija Bogeva

Lab Coordinator

Latino dancer in disguise; impromptu travel guide and snowboard master

Aleksandar Lazovski

Project Manager

Loves burning existential dread-inducing questions, fascinated by everything Japanese (not the shortest explaining person, clearly)

Marija K. Cvetanoska

Administrative Assistant

Master at contracts making, lover of all things sweet

Stefan Marinceski

Data Visualization Expert

If you need an apartment in Ohrid, he’s your man.

Milena Ignjatova

Project Manager

Pro at making paper and epoxy crafts and your fun story teller

Vulnet Abazi

Project Assistant

Pro at illustrating, chef in the making and a sun lover.

Gent Toska

Coordinator for Educational Activities

Animal lover, your daily dose of super energy and mood booster.

Milosh Sokolikj

Service Designer

Stuck between espresso and tea, also your favorite design-thinker.

Veljan Pejovski

IT & Technical Support

Tech problem-solver, always ready for action, foodie by heart.

Maja Ilioska

Marketing Manager

A real Leo woman, and also your favorite cover face.

Ana Sekuloska

Social Media Specialist

Your favorite future poetess, pro in buying presents and your ‘I-know-where-to-find-it’ person.

Elena Cvetkovska

Social media agent

Spell check mastermind and
coffee lover.

Valerija Smiljkovska

Administrative asistant

Nature lover and a professional dreamer.

Veronika Tomova

Economic development

Future president; travel expert and visionary thinker

Our Belief
If you want to be incrementally better, be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better, be cooperative. We see problems as opportunities and we believe that Individuals and communities are the best agents of sustainable development.

Our valuable partners