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Documents and reports

We place a strong emphasis on transparency within our operations, considering it a cornerstone of our approach. The outcomes we’ve accomplished and the trust we’ve garnered from both the community and our partners underscore the value and excellence of our endeavors. Our annual narrative reports are a testament to our enthusiasm as they provide a comprehensive overview of SMART UP’s activities over the years, including the various projects we’ve been engaged in.

Our financial reports mirror our commitment to professionalism, spotlighting the meticulous work undertaken by our dedicated team within SMART UP. Over the past three years, we’ve diligently undergone mandatory project audits in accordance with the regulations outlined in the Law on Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations and the Financial Reporting Standards.

Our last narrative and financial report (2022)

Project reference list and reports

SmartUp - Project Reference List Case studies - Education SkopjeLab Summary Report Review of EDUINO Platform

Admin documents

Organizational profile Statute (updated 2023)

Financial reports

Annual report (2023) Annual report (2022) Annual report (2021) Annual report (2020)