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EDUINO: Collectively improving education through co-creation and innovation


The main goal of this initiative is to continue to build upon the results of the project “#INNO4EDU – Setting up an enabling environment for improving quality teaching and learning through co-creation and innovation” and the developed collective portal “EDUINO”.

With the introduction of the concept of crowdsourcing of open accessible resources for everyone, SmartUp, the implementing partner behind the project and it’s partners succeeded in developing an incredibly useful resource for teachers across the nation. You can see a full list of the achieved results for March 2020 – March 2021 at the following link.

This initiative is in line with the Comprehensive Strategy for Development of Education 2018 – 2025, the new National Concept for Distance Learning, National Concept for Primary Education and the need to improve the implementation of the Programme for Early Childhood Development and the Curricula from 1st to 3rd grade. We, as SmartUp, have been a partner of the Bureau for the Development of Education in this initiative and have continuously provided support to the Bureau since 2019 in setting up Eduino and the system for crowd-sourcing and verification of digital educational resources.


The key focus of the project is on the continuous development of the EDUINO collective portal and its functionalities so that they better serve teacher and student needs. To provide context, EDUINO is a collective portal owned by the Bureau for the Development of Education and was developed as a direct response to the school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity to urgently develop much needed digital educational materials.

Expected results

To further support climate change and environmental education this programme plans to conceptualize and support the work of the SCIENCE LEARNING NETWORK, which should provide increased opportunities to institutions, schools, teachers and students to engage in STEM experiences and hands-on learning about natural sciences.

Further to the above interventions, the project plans to create an adjunct Eduino Lab that will serve as a virtual laboratory simulating a self paced and safe space to learn about, and experiment with, the science behind the natural processes of our world

Support the strengthening of opportunities for professional development through webinars, online courses and crowdsourcing challenges

Expand the EDUINO Gameathon challenge

Enlarge the EDUINO Ambassadors group & programme

Finalize the development of the national video lessons library, with sizable improvements to categorization and user accessibility


This project is funded by the United Kingdom Government through the British Embassy in Skopje, with the support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, The Ministry of Education and Science, the Bureau for the Development of Education and UNICEF. It is also supported by a plead of organizations, citizens groups and businesses, all aiming to create a lasting mark on the Macedonian educational system. Special gratitude goes to our partners at Synrg Software IT Solutions who have wholeheartedly supported the technical development of this project.