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ICT for Urban Resilience

Improving urban resilience & public services and planning through new technologies together with UNDP


To garner the attention of the public but also revolutionize the way data collection/surveys are done and the way that the collected data is shared after the research, the public sector needs to innovate, it needs to look for new solutions that offer innovative and fast ways of conducting these processes.


Some of the challenges the public sector was facing in this specific project was the lack of knowledge for high-end technical tools for data collection, tools that offer the creation of interactive easy-going questionnaires and reports, as well as the difficulty to develop its own tools to visualize flood scenarios, to interactively gather information about air-pollution through chat-bot integrations and so forth. 


The project aimed and managed to develop a full custom survey solution to conduct the research for the level of implementation of the ‘Resilient Skopje” activities per municipalities in Skopje. The survey can be viewed at the following link, and it was completed with full graphic design, development of a questionnaire, dissemination to partners, report development and interactive results visualization with PowerBi; to be able to “play” with data as to extrapolate scenarios.

Furthermore, the team developed a Flood Story Map with the cities ArcGIS system; showing multiple scenarios and correlations of flooding, erosion and so forth. It can be viewed at this link.

Concluding the project, SmartUp also completed the development of the “EcoMarko” – a smart chat-bot that engages in a friendly chat with citizens in order to educate them on transport as well as provide them with information on the level of pollution they contribute with due to their transport methods, combined with funny and interesting solutions on how to impact/reduce this. 

Throughout the project, SmartUp was also responsible to develop multiple social media campaigns, with a strong focus on visuals (infographics, posters, info-banners) and a mail-chimp campaign.