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A leadership journey, The International Networking Academy 1.0.1

Our NGO, SmartUp took part as a partner organization to the first Networking 101: International Youth Networking Academy that took place at the South East European University in Tetovo, Macedonia starting from the 10th of June till the 21st of June, 2015.

The academy was attended by both macedonian and international high-school students who were particularly chosen as leaders in their communities and major prospects in their areas of expertise. The academy focused on multiple courses, varying from mathematics, informatics (programming), business and entrepreneurship, political sciences and also covering topics like youth initiatives and non-formal education. All of these being summarized into three particular groups:

  1. Exploring Political and Economical Ideas
  2. Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship
  3. Introduction to Programming and Application Develpment

As an NGO that works in the fields of IT culture promotion, youth empowerment, leadership capacities building, carving of young professionals and trying to stimulate the entrepreneurial sprit in Macedonia and the region, we felt strongly about partnering on this project hence it dealt with people who truly have the potential to lead their communities in the future and problems and topics which our NGO often addresses, as mentioned above. In regards to this, our President Nikolco Gosev and our Vice President Aleksandar Lazovski did a workshop at the 2nd day of the academy that focused on the basic principles of a youth initiative, what it’s the structural model of it and where can you get funding for it. Part from this, we took part in raising awareness for the event, in pin-pointing young leaders from Macedonia, in social media marketing and hands on logistics. We are more then satisfied with the out-come and overall organization of the event.

In addition, for impressions and photos of the event, open their facebook page or view the photos below.

And just as a heads up, next June there will be a Networking Academy 1.0.2 in Macedonia, now in November there will be the 2.0.1 in Bulgaria and next June as well, there will be an Academy in Slovenia. So, if you’re interested in attending or getting some more information on this you should either keep note of our facebook page.

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