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Supporting the Local Government of BiH through new series of Public Sector Innovation Training

Following up on the impact we made last year through the public sector innovation training for representatives of the national and local government, we continue to support capacity building for innovation, this time working with the local government and communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina – BiH, through another public sector administration training programme.

This week, as part of the “Strengthening the Role of Local Communities” project, financed by the Government of Switzerland and the Government of Sweden, and implemented by the United Nations Development Program in BiH (UNDP), our team will be implementing another training on innovation in the public sector aimed at strengthening innovation capacities of the role of local governments and communities in BiH.

One of the main objectives is to build innovation capacities for local government and communities as potential powerhouses with the capacity, ambition, and creativity to transform local areas by mobilizing human capital and strengthening the bridges between people and their local government. In that order, the training will provide new knowledge and skills to the local staff and representatives of the local communities through practical and interactive trainings on skills of the future, such as critical thinking, innovation, and leading change within communities.

Our team is going to deliver a series of trainings to strengthen collaboration and innovation in the local communities and local government.

The training programme will take 2 days and it will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to public sector innovation
  • Training of Trainers – Innovation in practice

Our team designed the training programmes according to the policy context of BiH and the local governments and communities. The trainings will equip participants to develop innovation capacities, to offer better human-centered services and approaches, to have better collaboration, innovation and to develop new and innovative processes and services – all this to help local government in creating, developing and implementing innovative and more human-centered services for their communities.

For more details regarding the training, activities and photos from the event, follow us on our social networks.

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