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Call-to-arms: Designing a Bicycle Parking Prototype

SmartUp Social Innovation Lab, as coordinator of the City of Skopje Innovation Center – Skopje Lab, is releasing a public call for а creative and innovative design for a cyclists’ parking, which will be placed on location as part of Skopje’s Transport Center. This design will encourage citizens to leave their vehicles at home and instead use their bicycles when able. Creating a parking for cyclists as part of the city’s Transport Center will undoubtedly contribute towards the continual use of intermodal transportation (bicycles, busses, trains etc.) and strengthening the alternate-transport infrastructure. So be creative!

The call is open for everyone (individuals, teams, and legal entities), we especially encourage the enlisting of multi-disciplinary teams, which would be greatly valued. The final project will include:

  • A module design for a bicycle module + a description of technical characteristics/specifications;
  • Design on location, where the bicycle module will be placed;
  • Recommended construction budget;

We will reward the top 3 solutions: first-place will receive 700 euros, second-place will receive 500 euros, and third-place will receive 300 euros in gross. The winning design will become property of the City of Skopje.

After a winner is chosen we will transition into the second phase – call for construction. The winning party will be expected to provide aid in the construction of their design. 

The project is realized through financial and technical backing from the International German development agency – GIZ – through the active component of strengthening  the development of a cycling infrastructure, the project “Future cities of southeast Europe” run by SmartUp, and the City of Skopje.

The total budget for construction is 11.500 euros. An additional 3000 euros of support has been provided for the realization and arrangement of the desired parking location. This includes: urban equipment, greening, substrate material etc. That is, everything at the disposal of PE “Streets and Roads”, PE “Parks and Greenery” and the City of Skopje.

Potential bicycle parking locations

Set-up and arrangement of the bicycle parking can be done on the parts assigned with green in the picture below, owned by RNM.

After we choose the applicants, said parties will receive accurate location information, in addition to collectively visiting the location in person during the first workshop, details of which can be found bellow in the “ Work Process” section. This is done to establish existing parameters and documentation.

All participants will decide on which of the locations marked with green they would like to work on after the first workshop, and an elaboration as to why.

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