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Innovation in education – A how-to guide to initiate innovative practices

At SmartUp we believe in the power of sharing experiences and knowledge.

To support anyone looking to create positive change in education, we created a guide titled “Innovation in Education – A How-To Guide to Initiating Innovative Practices” which has the goal to support anyone, but in the first place educators, individuals or organizations, working in the field of education, people who want to push the boundaries of what education is and can be.

How did we come to create this guide?

Since 2017, SmartUp Social Innovation Lab has been on a mission to improve education in North Macedonia by promoting a more participatory and human-centered approach to designing solutions that address pressing education challenges. So far, these have ranged from improving the socio-emotional skills of students and play-based learning in preschool to improving the professional development of teachers and educators.

This is where the story of EDUINO starts, the first project in North Macedonia that is a testament to the power of teachers and communities to collectively tackle systemic educational challenges.

Starting from a small multidisciplinary hackathon to gather ideas for solutions that address pressing education challenges, today, EDUINO is the first collective portal for digital educational content, collaboration and professional development, where educational materials are crowdsourced voluntarily through the EDUINO community of educators, programmers, activists and parents who openly collaborate, co-create and support the effort to improve educational outcomes.

What does the guide cover?

The guide offers two types of content; one is theoretical and one is practical. The first will equip you with the necessary knowledge so you can understand the process of co-creation, while the second will help you immerse yourself into the process by presenting different tools and methods you can independently apply.

Who is this guide meant for?

Anyone can use this guide and we wholeheartedly encourage you to. To use it, you don’t need to have prior experience, only the curiosity to explore new ways of doing and the drive to implement them. While the guide doesn’t cover every tool or all the tips and tricks, it does give you a solid roadmap of how to initiate and embark on an innovation journey as part of your work.

We hope it inspires and equips you to embark on your own innovation journey!

If you try to implement this process, we would love to hear how the experience went and any tips or comments you’d like to share!

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

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