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Webinar: InnoFinRES – Community Energy Financing Models

We are bringing the focus on the transition to renewable energy resources!

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, cities, municipalities and communities need to find flexible approaches to tackle a myriad of emerging issues proactively. As an organization that continuously works on solving emerging societal challenges, we are striving to provide the necessary insights on financial models to support renewable energy transition in the context of community action. In order to do that  SmartUp -Social Innovation Lab is collaborating with the Municipality of Ilinden, Solar Macedonia, KLIK, Korimako, and Consejo Insular de la Energia de Gran Canaria, and with the support by EIT Climate KIC, we are working on the InnoFinRES project that focuses on innovative financial models to support the transition to renewable energy resources.

To jump-start this project and raise awareness, on November 8th from 10:00h till 11:30h  we are hosting the first online webinar on Community Energy Financing Models where we are inviting local government, public & private sector, and everyone interested in renewable energy resources to join us and learn more on topics such as:

  • Community Energy 
  • Renewable Energy Transition;
  • Impact Investing;
  • Crowdfunding and financial models to support a RES Transition

Registrations for the webinar are open till the beginning of the event, everyone interested in joining us can register at the following link:

During this webinar, we will take a look at one such possibility through the lens of alternative financing models for a renewable energy transition. Starting with brief presentations of several examples of community energy models, community investment models and different approaches to supporting a transition towards energy efficiency, we will uncover the different ways this can be approached and put into practice. The session will then build on the presentations with a panel discussion and a Q&A session.

This webinar is a great opportunity to gain valuable insights from our experts and partners on this project that will be joining us as our speakers for this event. With great honor we are introducing you to:

Expert on: Križevci solar roofs project financing model and community investing in RES

Tomaž Zver Director and owner at KISIK, promotor for the installation of solar power plant

Expert on: Loški Potok Wood Co-operative and other community energy models in Slovenia

Agamemnon Otero  CEO of Energy Garden, co-founder of Repowering, Brixton Energy, Community Energy England, and has sat on the UK Government’s Community Energy Contact Group

Expert on: Energy Garden and community investment models in the UK

Tim Taylor Director at Korimako, specialises in supporting organizations and communities to develop and deliver transformative social, economic, and environmental change initiatives.

Expert on:  Business and financing models behind several community energy cases.

Arseny Tarasov  Global CEO at HiPer it! – Big Data, BIM & IIoT proptech who specializes in: transformational change leadership, sales and channel leadership; regional development and management, B2B sales management – cloud and AI solutions, software, and hardware; transformation of teams and business processes; marketing of new disruptive technologies, services, and solutions.

Expert on:  Cost-efficient building management, energy resource utilization efficiency, and direct energy savings.

The overall goal of this webinar is to offer a general introduction to alternative financial models to support a renewable energy transition in the context of community action and what local governments can do, as well as, introduce the InnoFinRES project and invite you to follow.

Join us on November 8th from 10:00h till 11:30h for the: Community Energy Financing Models webinar registration link:, and follow our social media channels Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more details on the InnoFinRES project.

This webinar is part of the InnoFinRES project – supported by:

About the project: 

This webinar is part of the InnoFinRES project. The aim of this project is to support the transition to renewable energy sources (RES) through the creation of a novel financing model. The model will be based on the best practices for community financing and impact investing for local government, specifically interpreted for the local context. By retrofitting a kindergarten with PVThybrid collectors the viability of the novel technology will be demonstrated by showing actualized savings over a period of time. Various stakeholders will be involved in a participatory process to create the model, ensuring it is viable and feasible in the local context.

The project will enable the local government to approach retrofit and decentralised energy from a new financial perspective, by offsetting the costs of such interventions through crowdsourcing and similar partnerships and using the effectuated savings to push further the transition to RES. Scalability will be ensured by offering the process for creating the model as a product to other local governments and similar entities.

Our partners:

On this project our organization SmartUp, Social Innovation Lab is collaborating with: the Municipality of Ilinden, Solar MK, KLIK, and Korimako. This project is supported by EIT Climate KIC.

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