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Call for proposals: Video development, shooting and production for the project activity “EDUINO Ambassadors – Initiative to affirm the contribution of the most dedicated teachers”


The non-governmental organization SmartUp – Social Innovation Lab Skopje acts as an eco-system builder connecting different stakeholders to promote and develop social innovation thus building a society that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. SmartUp is established with a mission to catalyze social innovation in the country and the region.

In a society that is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, SmartUp sees itself as the number one change agent that shapes and drives the social innovation eco-system. Our mission is to be the Balkans most recognized body for providing support to the co-creation process of social innovation development, a body that continuously works to create and enable a safe space for collaboration for all ecosystem actors.


In a globalized world with fast technology development, change of economic systems and more complex problems, the design and implementation of high-quality education programmes is no longer the remit of the selected few. In that context, setting up an enabling environment for improving quality teaching and learning through co-creation and innovation is something of utmost importance.

To this end, in 2019, UNICEF in partnership with Bureau for Development of Education(BDO), the Ministry of Education and Sciences and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy set out to build a national web-based platform that will assist the improvement of the quality of early childhood teaching and learning through co-creation and innovation, involving teachers, parents and children. As such, the platform would provide an enabling environment that will support socio-emotional development in pre-primary education and will facilitate the implementation of national curricula.

The Eduino platform was based on the afore-mentioned national web-based platform to support early learning. While the platform was to be launched later in 2020, through joint efforts between the government, teachers and UNICEF, the platform was made available in just two weeks since schools were closed due to COVID-19 pandemic. The Ministries, BDO and UNICEF issued a joint call for teachers to volunteer to film video lessons for the platform and the response was astounding: around 1,000 teachers stepped up and expanded the scope of this one-stop-shop for educational content to cover pre-primary, primary, and secondary education for all children aged 3 to 18. The main implementing partner in this national endavour was SmartUp, the Social Innovation Lab Skopje, piloting a new way of open streamlined collaboration among the EDUINO community, based on the values of co-creation, co-development and open free access.


The purpose of the assignment is to produce 18 statement videos of EDUINO Ambassadors in order to publicly express our genuine gratitude and respect for the teachers who painstakingly and diligently recorded video lessons and materials day and night.

This concept was created with the purpose to recognize the commitment of the most hard-working and dedicated teachers, who contributed to the creation of a complete digital library of video lessons and/or educational play-based activities for all the curricula and grades in pre-primary, primary and secondary education. The concept implied public recognition for the most dedicated teachers, selected based on previously set criteria.

The Contractors will be expected to deliver any of the following as required during the whole duration of the contract:

  • Production of video (script writing, videography, editing, audio balancing, sub-titling, format exporting, archiving raw and edited work etc.) according to SmartUp’s standards. All videos produced must be of the highest quality to adequately represent the organization and the involved project partners.
    • The optimal standards are: 1080 25p/1080 29.97p or 30p. All material should be shot in 16:9, HD 1080;
  •  During filming, the contractors shall use HD quality video cameras and use professional editing software during production & post-production, preferably Adobe Premiere Pro;
  • The contractors shall provide audio recording equipment (single user microphones, spatial microphones, cables, audio recording device etc.), with special attention put on sound optimization on location and audio post-production as to ensure highest quality of sound during the development of the required videos. This is due to the nature of the videos, as their main objective will be teacher statements which need to be clear and audible;
  • The contractors shall provide logistical services for transportation of equipment to and from shooting locations; including active participation in resolving logistical challenges
  • The contractors shall provide sufficient lighting equipment as to provide a high-quality video as per the standards set by SmartUp – Social Innovation Lab. Special emphasis to be put on clear and smooth lighting over the speakers faces;
  • The contractors shall provide a teleprompting device (industry term – “reading idiot”); as per the needs of teachers to read statements from the screen;
  • Edit the footage in line with the script agreed and approved by SmartUp focal person and produce a professional quality package;
  • Furthermore, the company is expected to actively provide feedback and input on video concepts, provided textual statements and answer questions from SmartUp’s marketing team
  • Record and edit narration / voice over where needed in according with guidance from relevant SmartUp focal person;
  • Audio balance the final produced, convert audio in formats for use on TV, radio, web and post-produce videos meant for broadcasting;

Include appropriate SmartUp branding and crediting of SmartUp ownership for the produced videos; including appropriate branding and crediting of project partners


Production of 18 single statement videos with various type of durations ranging from 30 sec to 20 min with short statements from the EDUINO Ambassadors. The production will involve, but will not be limited to:

  • Creation of the concept of the videos;
  • Development of the detailed scenarios of the videos;
  • Coordination and approval of the scenarios with SmartUp;
  • Video production (types of content: short human-interest video stories, etc.)
  • Post-production (assembly, sound, processing, etc.);
  • Synchronize titling with on-going speaker statements during video production
  • Delivery of the final video in different formats (for TV, Radio, online).an as needed basis;

Post-production (assembly, sound, processing, etc.);

Delivery of the final video in different formats (for TV, Radio, online).

Target deadline for deliverable

  • 2 months from the placement of the order date

Special considerations:

SmartUp – Social Innovation Lab within its project activites in the “Setting up an enabling environment for improving quality teaching and learning through co-creation and innovation” project has set the 19.02.2021 as the date for publishing of the campaign for EDUINO Ambassadors. Initial videos required for the promotional campaign need to be prepared and delivered in this short time-frame and companies competing on this open call are expected to take this into account and proactively work during the 2021 winter holidays in order to meet the aforementioned target deadline for deliverable.


The financial proposal shall specify an all-inclusive fee per video product, which should include filming charges, transportation expenses, postproduction, as well as crediting, subtitling and voiceover. The Financial Proposal should be in local currency.

The final selection will be based on the principle of “best value for money” i.e. achieving desired outcome at lowest possible fee.

Payments will be based on deliverables and will be made in local currency, within 10 days upon delivery. Based on the high-expectations and tight time-frame for delivery SmartUp can provide a maximum of up to 70% of upfront payment as to optimize the quality of delivery.

The copyright of all video materials produced (raw and edited) taken during the assignment will belong to SmartUp – Social Innovation Lab.

The interested companies are required to submit financial proposals no later than 21 December 2021, 11 AM at the following e-mail addresses: [email protected] or in printed format at SmartUp Office.

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