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Future Cities SEE: Future Skopje is designing a Local Government Impact/Green Investment model

In order to help municipalities manage their resources better, within the initiative for urban transformation — Future Skopje, we began a process of designing a Local Government Impact/Green Investment model.

By developing this model, we aim to raise interest in the implementation of positive changes in the way municipalities operate with their resources in order to better satisfy citizens’ needs as well as improve the overall quality of life.

For the development of this model for impact investment, we focus on one urban and one rural municipality, the City of Skopje and one additional municipality respectively. At this stage we are in the first phase of development of the model covering the activities: i) Legal and strategic documents analysis regulating LGs space for incentivizing target groups on impact investment; ii) Benchmarking Analysis for North Macedonian LGs- existing models in other countries of Green/impact investing and incentives schemes; iii) Budget analysis of the budget of City of Skopje and one more municipality.

The model is expected to be completed by the end of 2020 and to begin initial instruments testing in the first quartile of 2021. We believe that taking this step will open a new chapter in the way municipalities handle and use resources in favour of the citizens, companies, organizations thus achieving a better return of investment and a more positive impact in our local community.

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SmartUp Social Innovation Lab together with the City of Skopje from August 2019 is working on the project Future Cities of South-East Europe.

The project is led by EIT Climate-KIC and aims to transform cities in Europe in the best places to live, work and visit by 2030.

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