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Public Sector Innovation Training

From March 21-25, the SmartUp team in partnership with Dark Matter Laboratories (UK) and Korimako (Slovenia) will work on the implementation of the training “Public Sector Innovation” for representatives of the national and local government of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The purpose of the training is to strengthen the capacities and knowledge of the public administration for development, implementation and encouragement of innovations in order to more easily deal with modern challenges.

Strengthening the skills of public administration is a key prerequisite for achieving more effective, more efficient public services as well as developing policies that should respond to the demands and needs of citizens.

The five-day workout is designed to:

  • introduce participants to current global challenges and their impact on shaping national and local policies and strategies;
  • to introduce them to the basic innovation concepts and
  • to introduce them in the innovation process and by presenting various tools and practical work to help them acquire skills and knowledge so that they can further work on designing and implementing innovative processes, services and policies.

For more details regarding the training, activities and photos from the event, follow us on our social networks.

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