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Three of our most memorable moments from this year’s Global Creative Business Cup 2022

Three of our most memorable moments from this year’s
Global Creative Business Cup 2022

For the second year in a row, our team is a part of the biggest competition for creative startups in the world, and we couldn’t be more proud of the outcome.

If you know our team or have heard of us, you probably already know that we are absolutely crazy about innovations. But we are especially excited about the creative industries, a field that has the potential to bring authentic and unique products and services to the market. That’s why we are constantly in the search of new ways to collaborate with businesses and entrepreneurs from the creative industries. The Creative Business Cup was the perfect event to connect with like-minded individuals and teams that share the same passion for innovation and entrepreneurship.

In 2021 we took the first step and organized the first National „Creative Business Cup North Macedonia“.The amazing feedback from the creative industry here encouraged us to organize this competition once more. This year on May 27th in collaboration with the Union of Macedonian Professional Association in the Creative Industries – UMPACI we organized the second „Creative Business Cup North Macedonia”, picked out our six finalists, and supported our national representative at the Global Creative Business Cup 2022
in Denmark.

In order to celebrate this year’s successful organization of the national competition, as well as, our representation in the Global Creative Business Cup, we are sharing with you three of our most memorable moments. Enjoy!

1. Meeting the new Creative Thinkers and their business ideas

The best part about organizing the national competition is the opportunity to meet new local entrepreneurs, with creative business ideas. Since the entry barriers to the markets have drastically changed, and most successful business ideas turn into growing startups, many new companies are now present with their products and services. This year we got the chance to get to know over ten new businesses and six of them made it into the final: InfoBiro, Ambrosia, Best Online Assistant, Med-Rep Group, Biooil Organic Food and Sara Simoska Arhitektura. Having the chance to see their overall market share, potential goals and challenges gives us a better perspective of how we can support the creative industries in the future. On the other hand, meeting the young and passionate entrepreneurs willing to participate in this kind of competition shows us that, maybe there’s a lack of events where they can network with other business owners, exchange ideas and collaborate. That’s what keeps us inspired and motivated to bring new opportunities and unleash the potential that we certainly have.

2. Being one of the 12 semifinals in the Global Creative Business Cup in Denmark

Best Online Assistant were our national representatives this year. An education and professional development platform for people with physical disabilities, which offers them education in the field of mastering digital skills and then through B2B and B2C business models offers opportunities for remote work / freelance work and full-time work. Out of 60 national representatives from all over the world, Best Online Assistant and their outstanding pitch of their idea took place in the semi-finals together with 11 other business ideas. This was definitely one of the highlights of the Global Creative Business Cup that we are super proud of. Huge congratulations to the team of Best Online Assistant. May this be the beginning of many more successful milestones in their awesome work.

3. Moderating two panel discussions during the BRIGHT conference

Another highlight of the Global Creative Business Cup for us was during the final event – The BRIGHT conference. Our Innovation Specialist and Co-founder, Sofija Bogeva was a moderator of two panel discussions during the conference. The first panel discussion was dedicated to: „Impact Investing“ and the second one was on the topic „Open Innovation in the public sector“. In both discussions, experts and entrepreneurs from Denmark shared their experiences and predictions regarding the two topics. This was the first time our team was directly included in the organization of the conference and we are extremely grateful for having had the chance to meet amazing experts in the fields of Impact Investing and Public sector innovation who are open to collaboration.

Being a part of the Creative Business Network as well as the Creative Business Cup this year was definitely a learning experience and an opportunity for further growth, both for our organization and our team. Hopefully, we will have an even better experience next year! Until then follow us for more events and updates on what’s new in the world of creative industries.

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